Hi, I'm Theresa!
I help expecting moms eat well for baby. I have a degree in nutrition and I am training to become an RD (Registered Dietitian). As the founder of Mama Me Time, I provide up-to-date, science-based nutrition coaching to help families eat and live well.

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Nutrition Can Be Easy

This is my true belief. Let me help you overcome modern day challenges to nutrition using speed scratch cooking, menu planning, and simple recipes.

There’s Always Time for Me Time

You might be wondering about the name Mama Me Time. I focus on both nutrition and me time because health is not just what you put in your body, it's also how you treat your body.

You and Baby Deserve Great Health

The health of you and your family starts long before baby's first breath. But how do you turn the scientific research into something that supports the health of mom and baby every day?

That’s Where I Can Help!

I provide expecting moms with lifestyle and nutrition guidance. I turn complicated and overwhelming nutrition information into simple, realistic guidance that works for your busy schedule.



New Client

If you are a new client, please schedule an informational call by selecting the link below. I would like the opportunity to introduce myself and get to know you and your nutrition goals.

Returning Client

If you are a returning client, please select the link below to schedule an individual nutrition counseling session or a check-in call.